The rising NPA levels are increasing the pressure on banks. On the
other hand, the Insurance space is going through its challenges both
in the Life as well as the General Insurance sector. We deliver risk
prevention and fraud investigation solutions across this segment

Government: New India

The federal environment in India is fast changing. CRP is contributing to
this change through its verification and due diligence services across
various initiatives to bring in transparency and accountability to the system

Know your people

We let our domestic help into our homes, giving them access to the
most vulnerable members of our family, closing our eyes and ears to
the dreadful news of crime on a daily basis. Driven by our mobile app
platform CRP INDI, we ensure that you create a safe nest in your home.

Who We Are

Creating solutions to check and verify information for better decision making and enhanced profitability for companies.

CRP is one of India’s leading risk management enterprise.  We deliver diverse solutions that help our customers be more compliant and strengthen their immunity to risk. This include KYC verification, Employee screening, Insurance services and Banking diligence and all types of data check services. In a short span of less than two decades, CRP has evolved from being a Background check entrepreneurial start-up to an Integrated Solutions company with professional management team and international best practices.

Our philosophy is to transform risk from a non-measurable and unpredictable uncertainty to a definite and scientific opportunity.

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